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                Excellent formula requires high quality feed ingredients to protect Cornell feed provides long-term and stable supply of safe and high-quality feed ingredients and products to meet the performance and production needs of feed ingredients.

                • Resource advantage
                  Resource advantage
                  The company adheres to the mission of “Made in China, Cornell”.
                  Played in the feed health industry for more than 10 years
                • Technical advantages
                  Technical advantages
                  Has a number of patented technologies · Focus on ruminant animals
                  Pet health national high-tech enterprises

                • Market Advantage
                  Market Advantage
                  After more than ten years of development
                  The company has formed a good reputation in the industry.
                • Stable supply advantage
                  Stable supply advantage
                  We provide our customers with high-quality imported pastures and other nutrient-rich feed products that are not subject to seasonal restrictions.

                CORNELL BRAND



                No matter what you do in Cornell, you will be an important member of the Cornell team!

                Made in China · Cornell
                With the mission of “challenge, transcendence and cooperation” and the mission of “environmental protection, green, utilization and creation”, we will balance the harmony between enterprise development and the natural environment.
                Pay attention to the economic benefits of enterprises and corporate social responsibility, and provide high-quality, green and healthy animal feed for the Chinese aquaculture industry.
                Online consultation