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The Beautiful Stranger – Episode 06A

God can be funny. If he was going to let nemesis catch up with me, he should have at least given me some time. Why today? Why now? First date? Mr Azeez’s son was my patient. The lad had to remember me. For the next split second, I had arranged all the lies in my head and I couldn’t go wrong. If I did, Toni would have questions to ask me. Emeka’s bad mouth had caught up with me too early. I smiled at Mr Azeez and then at his son. “Rasheed, how are you?”
“I am fine, Doctor!” The kid replied. ‘Did he have to include ‘Doctor’ again?’ I thought with a stern frown.
“Rasheed!” A woman called.
Mr Azeez turned to his left as he wife beckoned. I thanked the Heavens as Rasheed dashed off to meet his mother, it could only mean that the discussion was over. Mr Azeez stretched out his hand to Toni. “Good evening.”
I frowned. He ought to take his leave and not make an acquaintance.
Toni took his hand calmly. “Good evening, Sir.”
I cleared my throat. “Nice to see you, Sir.”
Mr Azeez nodded. “Have a nice evening, you two.” He said and walked away.
Toni stared at me with a smile, but I knew there were lots of questions beneath the smile. “Shall we?” she asked.
No way! There was no way I was going to let her off without any explanation. That would just give her the opportunity to start investigating and then, I would be damned.
I smiled back. “They call me Doctor because I helped out with his cut some weeks back. He is a neighbour. I thought you might want to know that.” I said confidently.
She shrugged. “That’s good, Doctor.”
“A lot of kids in my compound call me that, I volunteered for paramedical jobs as a youngster so I have a good knowledge of these things.”
She nodded with enthusiasm. “Paramedic?”
“Yeah.” I said as we approached the door to the cinema.
“You should switch jobs.” She said as she nudged me.
I stared at her. “Really?”
She pulled my hand. “The movie is about to start. Let’s go, man.”
I picked up Toni’s diary. It might not be right, but experience has taught me (actually, I have had no experience, but it is a cliché saying, right?) that you might want to sneak up on a diary. You might actually be saving someone from depression. (True story).
I took a deep breath as I prepped myself to read from Toni’s diary. I turned to the first page of her memoirs and her picture from her first surgery fell out. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to see more of it if it pertained to her operations, it might just make me sad and I wasn’t ready for it. I braced myself and flipped through a number of pages and then something interesting caught my eye.
CANCER HAS A BROTHER…his name is Jerry
So I just met this guy named Jerry…and yes, I like him. But then, who am I to like him? He is smart, but also so dumb (why would anyone waste their time in a bar?), not like I didn’t do it in the past, but it is not just right. I am not sure I can stick around Jerry for too long, he is worse than my Cancer. I might just be in love with him too. I liked him from day one and it doesn’t happen with me like this! Okay, I have got to go.
I took a deep breath as I dropped her diary. She didn’t have eyes for James. Good. That unsurprisingly brought relief to my soul. Now, I would focus on James and his feelings. But then back to Toni, could she really be in love? Or maybe she was infatuated by Jerry. The guy has got good looks, but I really didn’t want Toni to be in that stage of falling hopelessly in love and hoping that life would allow her enjoy those moments. I relaxed in my seat as I prayed that Toni would tell Jerry about the cancer so that she would work on getting over him and it would help Jerry stay away from her too.
My phone buzzed and I reached for it. James was the caller. I ignored his call. I smiled gallantly as I did this and prayed silently that my little theatrics won’t bore him.
Jerry and Toni walked out of the movies looking sober. All other viewers had the same look. The protagonist had died, it was a good movie, but a sad one too.
“Take my advice, we should see Alien World next time. This movie was too depressing.” Jerry said as they walked into the car park.
Toni took a deep breath. “I didn’t want him to die either.”
There was a momentary silence between them.
“There is something I would love to tell you.” Toni said.
“Cancer is a b—h!” Jerry said angrily.
Toni swallowed painfully as her heart skipped a beat. “Oh!”
Jerry nodded. “Yeah…” he then sighed. “What did you want to tell me?”
Toni stuttered. “Err…Cancer is a b—h!” she said with a very unconvincing grin.
“Do you think I believe you?” he asked.
She shrugged. “You know me. I have no reason to lie…although, those were not going to be my exact terms, but Cancer sure had something to do with it…and of course, Cancer being a bane! I think that was my term.” She added hastily.

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