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They discovered human body parts and some calabashes and pots containing blood.


They retrieved those things and took them to the police station.

People gathered around the house and I stood in the middle, explaining everything to them in tears.

Most of them wept bitterly for me whereas the rest blamed me for being childish and ignorant.

I responded… “It is not my fault my people. How could I have known Pastor Asumadu was fake when he was using God’s name in performing miracles? When married women in the church and from the city, come here to sleep with him for a supposed milk? Stop blaming me you all! I lamented angrily.

Pokuaa or whatever you call yourself, it is written in Mathew 7:21 that, not everyone who says to me, “Lord Lord”, will enter the kingdom of heaven but only the one who does the will of my father who is in heaven.

You should have been vigilant Pokuaa. One of the bystanders responded.

How was I suppose to know? Did God give me spiritual eyes to see?

I am sick and tired of this so called God who has been punishing me since infancy.

In the presence of all of you gathered here, I denounce my God! My mother’s god is more powerful and greater than He is, and I promise to join my mother in worshipping her god. I said angrily.

The people screamed in dismay.

May God have mercy on you. One of them responded.

You see how these fake pastors of today are misleading people to hell? I don’t blame her. If she dies in her sin, her blood will be on Pastor Asumadu’s head. Another person stated.

Ruth and her mother took me to their house.

Ruth, I owe you a million thanks. I have nothing to offer than blessings from the god of my mother.

That god will reward you some day.

I again want to use this opportunity to say a very big sorry for your loss. I added.

Ssshhhhhhhhh Pokuaa, please bring your voice down. I don’t want my mother to know I slept with Pastor Asumadu. Ruth cautioned.

Anyway, I am glad you are alive today. God has a purpose for you. She added.

Ruth please, I don’t want to hear about that God anymore. He is non existent. I responded.

News spread far and near about Pastor Asumadu and the aspiring MP’S evil intentions.

The media trooped into Ruth’s house to interview me.

I told my sad story to the entire world.

Months passed and I asked permission to move away from the town into the city once again to start life all over.

Mummy, I thank you and Ruth so much for the accommodation you’ve given me for the past months to recover from my emotional trauma.

This town has caused me enough pain and I cannot stay here to live the rest of my life.

I want to ask permission from you to move into the city to find a menial job doing. I narrated.

Awww Pokuaa, I am saddened by your sudden decision to depart from this house.

Nevertheless, you must find something better doing with your life. I wish you the very best in your quest to find a better life in the city.

I will give you a transportation and a 100 Cedis to start a petty trading like, selling toffees and chewing gums. I believe you can make a daily bread out of it. Ruth’s mother assured.

I went down on my knees and thanked her so much.

Mummy, I will never forget you, I will forever be indebted to you. I responded happily.

Early the following morning, the woman gave me the money and I set off to the city with my 100 cedis capital in hand.

I got to the city and walked to my village’s lorry park to send a message through somebody to my mother.

Fortunately when I got there, I met one of my father’s bosom friend in the car.

Eeeeii Pokuaa, where have you been? Your mother has been looking everywhere for you. He said.

Daddy please, I am in this city hustling to make ends meat for my family and I.

Please when you go, kindly tell my mother that, I am very much alive and kicking.

Tell her that, I am still struggling to meet the demands of the gods. I delivered my message sadly.

gods? Pokuaa, I thought you were a Christian. He responded.

Not anymore daddy. The kind of pain that God has watched me go through, I don’t think he is alive.

Please, just deliver this information to my mother for me.

Eeeeii Pokuaa, death is indeed a destruction to a home.

Few years after your father passed away, look at how you are blaspheming against God. Hmmm, anyway, I will try and deliver your message. He responded.

Eheh daddy, can I have your phone number? I will like to be calling you from time to time to check on my family. I quickly asked.

Yes you can . He responded.

I quickly borrowed a pen and a paper from the conductors and gave it to him to write the numbers for me.

I wished him a safe journey and walked away.

I went to a shop and bought a packet of chewing gum as well as toffees and began selling them in the traffic.

It was a tedious job but I was bent on making profits out the 100 cedis.

Soon, it was late in the night and I had to find a place to sleep.

I walked to the lorry park and slept at where all the destitute traders were sleeping.

I paid ghc2 before I was allowed to sleep there.

Early the following morning, I brushed my teeth, found a place to take my bath, and hit the traffic again to make sales.

Fortunately, all the goods were bought and I run to the shop to buy more.

To be continued…



Fortunately, all the goods were bought and I run to the shop to buy more.

I came back and began selling tirelessly until I was approached by one of my colleague sellers.

Hello dear, I admire your tireless way of selling. Can we be friends? She asked.

Yeah sure. My name is Pokuaa, what about you? I asked.

Call me Awura Ama, or Awuraa for short. She responded.

We exchanged pleasantries and went ahead to sell our various goods. I did my best to sell most of my goods until late in the evening when Awuraa came to call me.

Pokuaa, it is getting late, let’s close for the day. She said.

Yeah sure Awuraa, but where do you sleep? I asked.

I sleep at the lorry park, what about you? She asked back.

Same place Awuraa. Please let’s get going. I responded.

We walked to the lorry park happily together and secured a place to sleep.

We familiarised whiles on our various mats.

Pokuaa, I am an orphan, and I’ve been tortured emotionally by my aunties and uncles. I then decided to run into this city to get a life. Awuraa narrated.

That sounds bad my dear friend.

As for me, I lost only my father and I agreed with my mother to come into this city to get some money to cater for my widowed mother and siblings. I explained briefly without telling her all the ordeals I’d gone through.

I am very happy to meet a hardworking lady like you Pokuaa, and I believe you will influence my life positively. She responded.

Let’s hope for the best Awuraa. I responded.

Days passed and my friendship with Awura Ama became so tight.

We did business together, ate together and slept together.

Through thick and thin, we gathered enough money and rented an accommodation.

Things started getting better each day and I began to see money.

I then picked the number my father’s friend gave me and went to a communication center to call him.

Hello daddy, this is Pokuaa, were you able to deliver the information to my mother the last time? I asked.

Yes Pokuaa, your mother is bereaved now. One of your siblings is dead and she is busy moaning her. He responded.

What! What happened? When? How? I asked in tears.

Pokuaa calm down, I will give this number to your mother to call you personally and explain things to you. He responded.

Daddy, this number is not mine, but I will leave a message with them to come and call me anytime my mother calls. I responded and hanged up in misery.

I wept for days without being able to go to sell.

Days later, I was called into the communication center to receive a call.

Hello, this is Pokuaa. I answered.

Pokuaa, where at all have you been? Is this the promise you gave the chief priest and I? She asked angrily.

Calm down mummy, which of my siblings is dead again? I asked in tears.

I can’t tell you everything on phone Pokuaa, but it is Afia, your youngest sister. She responded.

Mummy, I suggest you come to the city for us to talk.

Please come tomorrow. I responded and gave her directions to where I stay.

Later the following day, my mother arrived.

I welcomed my mother in tears but she seemed unperturbed.

Mother, please talk to me, what happened to Afia? I asked.

Pokuaa, Afia fell sick and died. She responded.

Did you take her to the hospital? What did they say? I asked.

Pokuaa, she is dead and gone, what happened is not so necessary. My question is, why did you run away from Mama Rose? She asked.

I took my time and explained everything that happened to me to my mother, including that of the Pastor.

Pokuaa, do you now see how wicked your God is? He simply watched a poor lady like you to go through all these stress in the name of testing your faith.

I’ve hated that God and I will forever hate him.

My daughter, please join hands with me and let’s worship the gods of our land, they are more powerful. Mummy advised.

Mummy, I despised that God the moment I came out of the bondage room of Pastor Asumadu.

Indeed, he is deaf and dumb like you told me months ago.

That God watched my father die, he as well watched various men molest me. He has not been fair to me and I promise never to worship him again. I responded in pain.

Thanks be to the gods for saving your life Pokuaa, anyway, have you been able to gather some money since you came back to the city? She asked.

Mummy, is that all you can ask for?

Why do you think about money more than my life? I asked angrily.


To be continued…



Mummy is that all you can say?

Why do you think about money more than my life? I asked angrily.

Pokuaa, money is the only thing that can make my children and I survive.

Fortunately for you, you are alive, what more do you want me to think about? Tell me. She responded.

Mother please, anytime I hear you talking like this, it breaks my heart. I responded almost in tears.

Pokuaa, cut the emotions and answer my question. Have you been able to save something little? Please give it to me and let me start going because Serwaa your sister was not feeling well when I was leaving. She stressed.

What is wrong with Serwaa too? Mother, can you please talk to the chief priest to please allow me to come to the village to at least, see my siblings? I asked.

See them for what Pokuaa? There is no need for that. What is more important is for you to work harder and get enough money for us. She responded.

I hear you mother. Anyway I’ve saved something little, please kindly take it and send Serwaa to the hospital. I stated and gave her the money.

Thanks Pokuaa, but please don’t hesitate to call me when you get more money.

Besides, if you get any genuine man who is willing to sleep with you for huge , just let me know. I will personally invite the chief priest to initiate you and give you some charm to protect you. She advised.

Alright mummy, that is a very good idea, I will see what I can do. I responded.

In the evening when Awuraa returned from her selling business, I introduced her to my mother.

We all slept in the room until the next morning when I escorted my mother to the lorry park.

Pokuaa listen to me, I don’t seem to like your friend, be very careful about her.

Don’t be telling her anything about your life, let her remain your selling partner and nothing more. Mummy advised as we got to the station.

I’ve heard you mummy, have a safe journey. I responded and came back home.

Pokuaa, I think you are fit enough to start selling. Please pull yourself together and let’s start business. Awuraa advised.

I will start tomorrow Awuraa, let me use today to psyche myself properly. I responded.

Awuraa left to work whiles I laid in the room planning how best I can get enough money, rather than this petty business.

Later in the afternoon, I walked out to buy food. After few minutes walk, I was called by a fine gentleman.

Hello lady, can we please talk? He said.

Yeah sure. I’m all ears. I responded.

My name is Sammy, and I stay in that house. He said and pointed at a beautiful house.

Can we please be friends? He asked.

Sure Sammy. My name is Pokuaa and I am new in this neighborhood so I think your friendship will be of a great importance. I responded.

Glad to hear, Pokuaa. Can we meet this evening in my house for a friendly talk? He asked.

Yes I will be there. Please what time? I asked.

Around 8pm. I don’t want people to see us, they might start gossiping. He responded and we parted ways.

I went to buy the food and got back home.

I waited patiently for evening to come so that I can go and see my new friend. Probably, he will sleep with me and give me money. I thought.

Soon, it was evening and I stepped out of the room to see him.

I met him in front of his house.

Welcome Pokuaa, can we go inside? He asked.

Yes please. I responded.

We walked into the house and it was such a beautiful house.

Wow, this house is nice. I complimented.

Please bring your voice down, my parents are in their room and to them, I am sleeping. He whispered.

That’s alright, but are they that strict? I asked.

More than strict Pokuaa, but hey, life must go on whether strict or not. He playfully responded.

Now tell me Pokuaa, what do you want me to do for you tonight? He asked.

I giggled. Eeeerrrrmmm Sammy, I want you to give me money. I responded shyly.

He stood up and removed money from his pocket and handed it to me.

I counted it and it was 50 cedis.

Thank you Sammy. I said in smiles.

You will get more of this Pokuaa, when you become a good girl to me. He responded seductively and started touching my nipples.

To be continued…



You will get more of this Pokuaa, when you become a good girl to me. He responded seductively and started touching my nipples.

I felt sweetness running through my spine.

Pokuaa do you like it? He whispered.

I just couldn’t answer him, I began moaning softly to his gentle touches.

He intensified the touch and gently brought my boobs out of my dress and began sucking them.

I began to groan almost loud.

Aaaaahhh Sammy! Mmmmmmmmm!

Bring your voice down Pokuaa, you need to control yourself for the task ahead. He whispered.

He pushed me on the bed and stripped me naked.

Wow Pokuaa, you have such a nice body. He complimented and began rubbing his erected cock on my flat tummy.

My body began to surge into his.

Mmmmm Sammy! Please fuck meeeeeeeeee! Aaaahh! I moaned.

He climbed up on me and pushed his erected cock into my mouth.

I began to suck it with pleasure.

Aaaahhhh Pokuaaaaaaaa! You are tooooooo goooooood! Oooouuuuuuchhhhhh! He moaned.

After minutes of sucking his cock, he withdrew it from my mouth, raised the pillow, reached out for a condom and wore it.

He then penetrated me deeply and began to bang me.

It felt good but not as the raw one.

I forcefully stopped him.

Pokuaa, what is it? Why have you stopped me? He asked.

Eeerrmm, I’m not enjoying the condom. I responded.

Pokuaa, the condom is safe. It will protect the two of us from any sexually transmitted infection. He explained.

Those sexually frustrated infections can go to hell! I am not afraid of them. I responded angrily.

Hahahahahhahaha Pokuaa, please chill. It is not “sexually frustrated infections”, it is “sexually transmitted infections”. He responded.

Anyway, how many men have you slept with? He asked.

Only one Sammy, and he was even a Pastor who wanted to marry me but my parents didn’t agree. I lied.

Oh OK. Then it is safe to screw you without a condom. He responded and removed the condom.

He then penetrated me once again and began fucking me speedily.

It felt so good.

I groaned and moaned in ecstasy.

Fuck meeeeeeeeee! Aaaaaaaahhhhh Sammyyyyyyyy! Oooouuuuuccchhhhh!

He fucked and fucked until I could no longer contain it.

Sammy please I’m tired. Please stop.

Pokuaa please allow me to ejaculate, please. He pleaded too.

He continued fucking until he finally ejaculated.

Wow Pokuaa, you are such a strong lady. He complimented.

Sammy, the next time you will give me this long ride, you have to give me more than 50 cedis. I complained.

I sure will Pokuaa, but please do me a favor.

Kindly don’t tell anyone about what just happened.

My father is known by everyone in this vicinity and it will destroy his reputation. He cautioned.

No problem Sammy, I promise to keep it a secret. I responded.

Now let’s make a deal, we will meet every Friday night like this for a sex party. Is that ok by you? He asked.

Very cool by me Sammy. Just get ready to increase the payment too. I responded and dressed up.

I got home a bit late and Awuraa had already come home.

Welcome home Pokuaa, where have you been? She asked.

I went out to pick a stroll, I was bored in the room. I lied.

That’s alright but please, don’t be staying out this late, it is dangerous. She responded.

I went to bed and resumed my road side selling the next day.

I was slow towards it because, I didn’t see the need to go through that stress when I could sleep with a man for a night and get 50 cedis or more. I thought.

Pokuaa, you seem reluctant to sell, is everything alright? Awuraa asked worriedly.

Nothing really Awuraa, I simply don’t feel like doing this job anymore. It is too stressful. I responded.

Pokuaa please, don’t forget you are my motivation.

If you stop this work, what else are you going to do? She asked.

Don’t worry Awuraa, I will bounce back to the old me. I responded to avoid her from asking further questions.

Soon, Friday was here again and I lied to Awuraa that I was sick.

Rest then Pokuaa, I will be back with food. She responded and walked out to work.

I waited till evening and dressed up to Sammy’s house.

I met him with his friends at their gate.

We all sneaked into Sammy’s room to avoid being seen by his parents.

Sammy took me into his washroom to talk to me.

Pokuaa, I’ve told my friends about how sweet you are, and each one of them wants to sleep with you and give you 50 cedis.

We are five, and you are going to earn 250 cedis in the end. Is that ok by you? He asked.

Sammy please, I can’t do this. I will be too tired. I resisted.

No Pokuaa, I will give you an aphrodisiac and you won’t feel any tiredness. He responded.

To be continued…

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No Pokuaa, I will give you an aphrodisiac and you won’t feel any tiredness. He responded.

No Sammy, I want money but this is not how I want it. I can’t do it. I insisted.

Alright then, let me talk to my guys and come. He responded.

Minutes later, all the guys walked out and I was left alone with Sammy.

Pokuaa, you have passed my test.

I simply wanted to know the descent kind of lady you are.

If you had accepted this offer, we would have gone ahead to sleep with you but that would have been the last time I will sleep with you.

Pokuaa listen, I don’t judge people on a first date. You might have slept with me but that doesn’t mean you will sleep with anyone that comes your way.

In as much as you love money, you are as well descent and I will like to know you better, probably, we can build a future together. He complimented.

Sammy, your words have sent chills through my spine. Thanks so much for not hastily judging me. I owe you much gratitude. I responded.

Anyway, I will give you money tonight, but I ain’t gonna fuck you.

I want us to use tonight to know ourselves better. He said.

Now talk to me. Where are you from, and what is your mission in this city? He asked.

I’m from Asubonten, a town in the Ashanti Region.

I lost my father two years ago and my mother agreed with me to come into this city to search for greener pastures to cater for my family. I narrated.

I now understand why you are money conscious. Not for personal use, but to cater for your family. I must say, I’m proud of you. He responded.

So what time in your life did you almost marry the pastor you talked about on our first date? He asked.

Eeerrrmm, that was before my father died. I lied.

Hmmm, so sorry for your loss.

Pokuaa, I promise to do my best to help you raise enough money ok?

Anyway, I am also the only son of my parents, my two senior sisters are currently studying medicine outside the country.

I am also done with my first degree and I am currently working in a bank.

That is the reason why I told you to meet me every Friday. Fridays are the only times I get the chance to mingle. He explained.

Sammy, ain’t you seeing any lady? I mean, don’t you have a fiancee? I inquired.

I broke up with her two months ago when I caught her sleeping with my best friend.

She was also from a rich home and as such, was over pampered and spoilt. He explained.

So sorry about that Sammy. I responded.

Pokuaa so tell me, what do you do for a living in this city? He asked

Eerrrmm, I sell chewing gum and toffees in the traffic. I responded shyly.

Alright then, I promise to give you a capital to set up a container, so that you can start selling provisions.

I want you to have something better doing before I introduce you to my parents. He said.

Thanks so much for the promises Sammy. I am more than grateful. I responded happily.

Indeed, the gods are so good! I thought.

Days passed and my relationship with Sammy kept intensifying.

He gave me 100 cedis at the end of every week and I began saving it.

I stopped going to the roadside to sell, but Awuraa never gave up on that job.

Pokuaa, you can never rely on a man forever, I suggest you don’t stop this business. You can be doing it alongside the money this your new found guy gives you. She advised.

Awuraa please spare me the sermon. What else do I need in life? Sammy is providing everything I need. What then is the essence of selling toffees? I responded harshly.

Awuraa was offended by my response but she looked on and went out to do her selling.

Sammy bought a phone for me and I called my mother to tell her about all the fortunes that had befallen me.

Pokuaa listen to me, if you get the chance to enter his house again, try to sneak into his father’s room and steal a huge amount of money. Mummy advised.

No mother, I can’t do this to him. He has been too good to me. I responded unhappily.

Pokuaa, this is the best time to be rich, please don’t slack, else the gods will strike you dead. She threatened.

I began to think through mummy’s advice, but I still didn’t find it relevant to steal from him.

One Friday evening, I called Sammy severally to inform him about my coming, but he didn’t answer. I then decided to go there to find out what was happening.

When I got to his door, I could hear him with another woman in the room.

Eeeii! So Sammy is not what he posses to be? I’m doomed! I thought in tears.

I peeped through the door hole and I could see him making love to a lady.

I stood behind the door in tears.

Oh life, just when I fell in love, I’ve been broken hearted. What kind of life at all is this?

I shouldn’t have fallen in love, I should have rather stolen his money and run away as advised by my mother. I thought.

I sneaked back to my rented room in tears.

Pokuaa, is everything alright? Awuraa asked.

Yes Awuraa, I’m only shedding tears of joy for the kindness Sammy is showing me. I lied.

Pokuaa, I thank God for you. She responded and went to bed whiles I continued weeping.

Early the next morning, Sammy called.

To be continued…



Early the next morning, Sammy called.

Hello Pokuaa, sorry I couldn’t answer your calls last night, I was very tired, so I slept off. He explained.

I stayed quiet on the phone without knowing what to tell him.

So men are this wicked? I thought.

Pokuaa are you there? I know you are mad at me for not answering your calls, please forgive me. He said.

In all these, I must get something from him to compensate the pain he has made me go through so that, I can dump his sorry ass afterwards. I still thought.

Hello Pokuaa, please talk to me. ok, I’m currently in the house, and my parents have traveled, please come and let me compensate you. He said and hanged up.

Good, this is the time to teach him bitter lessons. I thought and dressed up to his house.

He was more than happy to see me, but I still acted cold.

Pokuaa, please take this 100 cedis as a compensation. He handed the money to me.

I still sat down unhappily.

Pokuaa please cheer up. What else can I do to make you happy? He asked.

Sammy, I want you to go to the restaurant right now and buy me fried rice and chicken in addition to the money you’ve just given me. I responded.

Alright then, consider it done. He said and dressed up.

Immediately he left the house, I sneaked into his father’s room, searched everywhere and found a brief case containing bundles of money.

I quickly grabbed it and tried sneaking out of the house.

Just then, I met Sammy at the door.

Damn Pokuaa, where are you going to with my father’s brief case. He asked in shock.

Eeerrmm Eeerrrm Eeerrrmm. I began to stammer.

Pokuaa, so if I had indeed gone to buy the food myself, you would have gone away with this money right? He still asked in shock.

Before I could open my mouth to say anything, he gave me a dirty slap which landed me on the floor.

Sammy please spare me. I’m begging you. I pleaded in tears.

So all these while you were a thief and I didn’t know? He asked with a second slap.

I’m not a thief Sammy, I only wanted to hurt you badly for cheating on me last night.

I came here and I saw you sleeping with a lady in your room. I responded in tears.

You are so pathetic Pokuaa, so even if I cheated on you, this is how worst you can pay me back right?

Anyway if you care to know, my cousin and the girlfriend visited last night and I left my room for them.

I was deeply asleep in the sitting room. He explained.

Now get your sorry ass up and leave my house. He yelled and took the brief case from me.

Read my lips Pokuaa, it is over between us. He added and dragged me out of the house.

I wept uncontrollably whiles on my way home.

Hello lady, why are you weeping this way? I was approached by a young man.

Please leave me alone! I don’t want more troubles. I yelled.

You can talk to me lady, please. He insisted.

I gave him deaf ears and walked into my room.

He followed me till I entered the room before he got off my back.

I’ve made a mistake. Because Sammy promised establishing a business for me, I’ve sent every money I have to my mother, including my capital.

Where at all am I going to start life from? I thought sadly.

Days passed and I still remained indoors, not knowing what to do.

I as well refused to tell Awuraa what had happened.

One hot afternoon, I was in the room starving when I heard a knock on the door.

I attended to it, and it was the man I met on the day Sammy broke up with me.

Hello lady, how are you doing? He asked.

How may I help you sir. I asked unhappily.

Please calm down, I’m sorry for stalking you but I genuinely want us to be friends. He said

No please, I don’t need your friendship. I prefer to be alone. I responded.

Alright then, I brought you food and drinks from a restaurant when coming, kindly take it. He said and handed the food to me.

Eeerrmm, thank you. I responded.

Can I please have your number? He asked.

I quickly called my numbers to him and he walked away.

To be continued



I quickly called my numbers to him and he walked away.

I was so happy for the food. Life indeed is a struggle. I thought.

Days later, he started calling me.

I began talking to him happily on phone.

Pokuaa, I can see you have found a new friend, but may I please know what happened to Sammy? Awuraa asked.

Awuraa, this is my life and I choose what to do with it. I responded harshly.

Pokuaa, I simply don’t know what has come over you, this is not the Pokuaa I met some months back.

Whatever it is that has influenced this massive attitudinal change of yours, I pray the power of God almighty overcomes it soon. She responded calmly.

May the gods of my mother strike you dead! How dare you mention the name of some supposed dumb God over my life? I yelled angrily.

Pokuaa please, there is no need to be angry. I never knew you were serving the god of your mother. I wish you well though. She responded and walked out on me.

My mother kept calling me for money but I was too broke to answer most of her calls.

One morning, after Awuraa had left home for work, I had a call from my new friend.

Hello my new friend, can I please come over to your place to visit you? He asked.

Yeah sure, but please, come with food. I responded playfully.

Hahahaha! I hear you. I’m right on my way. He responded.

Minutes later, he arrived.

I ushered him into the room and offered him the bed to sit on, since I didn’t have a chair.

Welcome to my humble room my unknown friend. I greeted.

Thanks my beautiful friend. He responded teasingly and handed me the food.

We familiarised and he introduced himself as Agyei Opoku.

Nice to have you as my friend Opoku, but may I please know what you do for a living? I asked.

I operate a mini provisions shop in front of my house. He responded.

Your own house or a rented place? I asked.

My own 3 bedroom house. He responded.

That sounds great Opoku. I can see you are a hardworking man. I complimented.

Yes I am. I always try my best to make something meaningful out of my life. He responded.

May I please know about you? He asked.

Eeerrrm, I was running a mini shop in town but thieves broke into it and stole everything away.

Currently, I am jobless and waiting for a miracle to happen. I bragged.

So sorry about that Pokuaa, I believe we will work something out together. He assured.

My friendship with him intensified and I began visiting him in his house.

I would go and stay with him in the shop till evening before coming back to my place.

He was staying in the house with his younger sister.

One day when I got there, he was in his room.

I knocked and he ushered me in.

I sat in his sofa waiting for him to dress up so that we go to the shop.

Just then, a thought run through my mind.

Pokuaa, why is Opoku not sleeping with you? Grab this opportunity to seduce him so that you can have him to yourself forever. I thought.

Quickly, I laid down in the sofa and spread my legs apart as if I was sleeping.

He soon came out of the bedroom for us to go to the shop.

Pokuaa, are you sleeping? He asked.

I laid down quietly as if I was indeed sleeping, and I saw him staring deeply at my pussy.

I then turned myself in a sleepy mood and pulled up my dress, showing him my huge ass.

Pokuaa, wake up, I’m done. He said softly.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and told him I was feeling sleepy.

Go and sleep on the bed then, and let me open the shop. He suggested.

I stood up and seductively stared into his eyes. He couldn’t simply resist my looks.

I then walked towards him and began kissing him passionately.

Pokuaa! Mmmmm! Please stop! I don’t want to sleep with you now! Pleeeeeaaase! He resistantly moaned.

I ignored his plea and pushed him down in the sofa.

I gently brought out his dick and began sucking it.

He groaned so loud.

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Pokuaaaaaaaa!

To be continued…



He groaned so loud.

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Pokuaaaaaaaa!

I stood up and sat on his erected cock and began fucking him.

He carried me out of ecstasy into the bedroom and began banging me in doggy style.

Fuck meeeeeeeeee! Fuck meeeeeeeeee! Opoku please fuck meeeeeeeeee! I moaned.

Minutes later, we were done fucking.

Pokuaa, I didn’t want us to make love. He said unhappily afterwards.

Why Opoku? Is there something I must know? I asked.

Nothing really Pokuaa, but I am unable to stay committed to a woman after having sex with her. He responded.

Opoku listen, I will personally make sure you stay committed to me.

First of all, introduce me to your family, and that will be enough reason to bind us together. I responded.

If you say so Pokuaa, I will see what I can do. He responded.

Days passed and Opoku was giving me a cold attitude.

I began frequenting his house to give him pressure.

Opoku, why do you seem to be avoiding me? I asked.

Nothing really Pokuaa, I just want to be alone. He responded.

Opoku, you can’t do this to me. Listen, I have fallen in love with you and you must marry me. I responded almost in tears.

Pokuaa, as you can see, I am busy selling. Please go home, we will talk later. He answered.

I walked pass him into his room and he followed me there.

Pokuaa where do you think you are going to? What is your problem? He asked.

Just when we entered the room, I stripped naked.

Opoku, are you trying to tell me this isn’t enough for you? Are you trying to tell me that, you are fed up fucking this body? I asked seductively.

He stared at my body motionlessly.

I grabbed his hands and placed them on my boobs.

Before I knew it, we were busy fucking hard.

Minutes later, we heard the sister calling him.

Bra Opoku, are you there? She knocked.

We quickly dressed up and rushed out to meet her.

Bro, who is this lady, and what is she doing in your room? The sister asked unhappily.

Eeerrrmm Maggie, let me use this opportunity to introduce her to you. Her name is Pokuaa, and she is my friend.

Pokuaa, this is my sister Maggie, she is a teacher. Opoku introduced.

Nice meeting you Pokuaa, but may I please know what you also do for a living? She asked.

That is not necessary Maggie, what matters is the love I have for her as a friend. Opoku responded smartly.

It is very necessary bro. Most ladies these days are gold diggers, and I don’t want you to fall a victim for any of them. She responded.

Maggie please, leave that one for me to handle. Opoku responded unhappily.

Till she finds herself a job, I won’t entertain her in this house. Maggie spoke harshly.

Calm down Maggie, your brother is only playing a prank on you. Actually, I am a secretary at Sikapa Microfinance company. I lied.

Really? You don’t say! She exclaimed happily.

Bro, you have to make it very fast to marry this one, you can’t afford to loose her. She added.

I’ve heard you Maggie, I will see what I can do. Opoku responded unhappily.

I have to call mummy to inform her right away. Maggie said and run to her room.

Opoku dragged me back into his bedroom in anger.

Pokuaa, why did you have to lie? What is wrong with you? He asked.

Opoku, if I had not said that, your sister wouldn’t have entertained me in this house.

Kindly bear with me. I responded calmly.

So what happens when they find out. He asked.

By then, you and I would have married and we wouldn’t give a hook about whatever they say. I responded.

I’m not happy about what you’ve done, frankly speaking, I’m not happy. He stated and walked out on me.

I followed him to the shop to apologize but he didn’t give me the audience.

To be continued…

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