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I must start going now, you can come to me if you need any advice. She stated and walked away.


I laid down quietly in the room thinking through the kind of stress I had gone through and how I was going to reach my mother and narrate everything to her.

Indeed, the world is messy and dirty.

So all these while, Mama Rose was grooming me for a sacrifice to boom her business.

So the 2am prayers was incantations and devilish purposed.

And come to think of it, she was sleeping with other men aside his husband whereas his husband is also sleeping with all the maids she has ever employed.

And take a look at her children too. Bill is sleeping with his own sister and his teachers who are married and old enough to be his mother.

What an evil house full of evil people!

God, thank you for rescuing me from the hands of these evil people. I promise to worship you in truth from today onwards. I prayed silently.

Later in the afternoon, Pastor Asumadu came to knock at my door.

Pokuaa, are you sleeping? He asked.

No pastor, I am only relaxing. I responded and quickly came out of the room.

Pokuaa, kindly let’s go to the sitting room to talk. He said.

I followed him and here we were.

Now talk to me Pokuaa, for how long have you been a prostitute? He asked.

Almost three months now pastor. I responded sadly.

How many men have you slept with so far? He asked.

Two men so far pastor. I responded.

Just two? He asked.

Yes please, just two. I responded.

Anyway Pokuaa, our God is a merciful God and he is ready to forgive you all your sins when you confess.

Like I told you, my name is Pastor Asumadu, I am 36years old and have been a pastor for nine years now.

I lost my wife and my only daughter last two years and I am yet to recover from the shock to enable me marry again.

For three years now, I have taken it upon myself to help prostitutes like you to transform completely before sending them back to their family members. He explained.

And less I forget, I have one 29years young man with me in this house, he’s the one helping me with the house chores, his name is Kofi. He quickly added.

Now tell me more about yourself. He inquired.

My name is Pokuaa Nkrabea, I am 26 years old.

I lost my father almost two years ago and the mantle fell on me as the first child to cater for my widowed mother and my five siblings.

Unlike my father and I, my mother is a traditionalist.

She consulted the chief priest and the gods instructed me to travel into the city for twenty years to seek greener pastures to be able to cater for my family.

The gods warned that, if I fail in my quest to become rich, they will strike me dead.

My mother then brought me into the city with the help of her friend to stay with a restaurant owner to work and get paid.

Unfortunately, the woman’s husband showed interest in me and began paying me for sex. When I resisted, he threatened to throw me out of the house.

I informed my mother about it, and she urged me to succumb to the man’s request.

The son found out and began to blackmail me with sex too. That was when I run out of the house. I narrated.

Hmmm Pokuaa, your story is very pathetic, but there is nothing impossible for God.

As far as you are ready to do what he instructs you to do, you will be saved. He preached.

Pastor, I am ever ready to do anything to please God. Please help me. I responded.

My stay in the house was very smooth.

I cooked, cleaned, and maintained the beauty of the church with my daily cleaning.

Pastor Asumadu gave me money to go to the market and get some clothes for domestic work and church services.

I became the happiest woman on earth.

Worshipping God became my hobby.

Pastor Asumadu was so good to me and people started referring to me as his daughter.

One fine afternoon, I was seated in my room when I heard a knock on my door.

I opened to check on the person, and it was Kofi, the other God son of Pastor Asumadu.

Come in Kofi, how may I please help you? I inquired.

Pokuaa, since you came into this house, I’ve observed you and I see perfection in you. He narrated.



Pokuaa, since you came into this house, I’ve been observing you, and I see perfection in you. He narrated.

Thanks so much for the compliment Kofi, I am humbled. I responded.

Eeerrmm Pokuaa, I will like to make you my wife if you don’t mind. He added.

Let me pray over it Kofi, for marriage is a long term thing that needs careful decision taking. I responded.

Days later, I was in my room sleeping when I felt a hand moving through my pants.

I quickly held the person’s hand and stood up.

Sssshhhh Pokuaa, don’t make noise. God has directed me to pour his anointing on you so that you don’t fall into trouble.

God says, there is a trouble ahead of you which needs to be casted away. It was Pastor Asumadu.

Pastor please I’m confused, did God really tell you to pour the anointing on me through my pants? I asked unhappily.

Yes Pokuaa, God said there is a milk in my penis that should come out to save you.

And the only way the milk can come out, is either you suck it out, or allow me to sleep with you. He explained in a low tone.

Pastor please, this is too weird for me. I don’t think I can be part of it. I responded.

Pokuaa, listen to me carefully, there are lots of women in my church, if I want someone to sleep with, I wouldn’t have chosen you.

I am only dancing to the tunes of God.

If you won’t allow me to cast the pending problems away, then, be ready to leave this house. I can’t allow you to stay in this house whiles the problems befall you, people will start questioning the God I serve. He responded angrily and walked out.

I stayed in the room in tears.

God, please speak to me, how do I know whether this is coming from you or not? I thought sadly.

Early the next morning, after my chores, Pastor Asumadu came to my room again.

Pokuaa, like we discussed yesterday, start packing your things, I can no longer tolerate your presence in this house. He instructed.

Instantly, I fell on my knees.

Pastor please have mercy on me. Please don’t throw me out, I don’t have anywhere going to. I pleaded.

Pokuaa, the city is few minutes drive from here, you can go there and start life all over again.

I can’t tolerate a recalcitrant person like you in the house of the Lord. He responded angrily.

Pastor, I am willing to do anything for God, but how do I know if it wouldn’t end like that of my former employers? I asked almost in tears.

Pokuaa, God doesn’t use married men for this task, that is why he took away my wife, in order to make me useful to people who need help like you. He explained.

Yesterday, the deacons wife came here. Did you see her? He asked.

Yes Pastor, I did. I responded.

Good! She came here for this same purpose.

I poured the anointing milk into her to cast away her problems.

So you see, you are not the only person undergoing this romantic spiritual process. He added.

Alright pastor, kindly do as the lord has instructed. I responded convincedly.

Alright then, let’s go into my room. He said.

I quickly followed him into his bedroom.

Now remove your dress and let’s get it started.

First of all, put my penis into your mouth and let’s see if you can suck the milk out. He said and brought out his penis out of his trouser.

Pastor please, where is Kofi? Won’t he find out about this? I asked.

No Pokuaa, I have sent him to the city to deliver some letters to my fellow pastors. He responded.

I knelt down and began to suck his huge penis.

To be continued…



I knelt down and began sucking his huge penis.

Aaaahhhh Pokuaa, let the anointing flow. Suck it! Mmmmmmmmm! Suck it! He moaned in pleasure.

I did it for several minutes but the milk was not coming out.

Pokuaa, please lay down and let me pour it into your vagina.

Your spirit is too weak to bring it from the mouth. He stated.

I stood up and laid on the bed sadly whiles he penetrated me from behind.

Aaaaahhh Pokuaa! Receive the anointing! Mmmmm! Please receive it! He moaned.

I began to pray loudly.

God please let your anointing flow! Please let it flow! I need you now God!

Minutes later, the supposed anointing milk was ejaculated into me.

Pokuaa, you are cleansed for now until further notice.

Now dress up and get into your room. One of the singers in the church will soon be here to receive hers. He said.

I quickly dressed up and walked out of the room.

Just when I stepped out, I met the leader of the singers at the door.

Pokuaa please, is your father home? She asked.

Yes sister, he is inside.

Let me announce your presence to him first. I said.

Pastor please, the singer is here to see you. I announced.

Tell her I’m bathing. I need to shower your anointing off, in order to pave way for hers. He responded.

I walked back and informed her as instructed.

No problem Pokuaa, I will wait. She said.

May I please offer you water? I asked.

No Pokuaa, I only need you to sit beside me till Pastor is done bathing. She said.

I pulled a chair and sat beside her.

Pokuaa, I must say, you are a lucky girl.

Some of us have been wanting this opportunity to come and serve Pastor Asumadu, but he consistently denied us the opportunity. She narrated.

Really? What is so special about this house? I asked.

Pokuaa, this house is full of miracles and favors, more especially when you get the opportunity to taste his anointing milk, via oral or vaginal route. She explained.

Wow! You don’t say! So this anointing milk is Godly after all? I exclaimed in shock.

Yes Pokuaa it is. This is my fourth time coming for it.

I first heard about it from my mother.

She was telling her friend about it and I eavesdropped their conversation. She narrated.

Really? Your mother also tasted it? I exclaimed in shock.

Yes she did. She told her friend that, the milk has helped her business to flourish.

Immediately I heard about it, I did my best to get closer to this household to gain access to it too.

Lo and behold, Kofi took a small bribe from me and connected me to Pastor Asumadu for the anointing milk. She narrated.

Then I am indeed lucky. And I was here thinking it’s fake. I responded.

It is never fake Pokuaa, people travel far and near to come for it.

I’ve seen beautiful young ladies travelling from the city to this place to come and have it.

I asked Kofi, and he told me, most of them come for the anointing milk. She explained.

Pokuaa, I am telling you all these because, I want you to be my bosom friend so that I can visit you every now and then in order to be closer to Pastor Asumadu. She responded.

That is no problem my sister, but may I please know what precisely the anointing milk has done for you? I asked.

Pokuaa, I bought so many forms almost every year, seeking for admission into the university, but to no avail.

Until I finally discovered the anointing milk.

Immediately he poured it into my mouth, I gained admission.

I came again and he poured it into my vagina. Since then, I’ve been topping my class. She explained.

Just when she landed with her last word, Pastor Asumadu came out to call her into the room.

God, so this milk is of this important use and I’ve been slacking? I will do my possible best to get it almost every week. I thought.

To be continued…



I will do my possible best to get it almost every week. I thought.

Minutes later, the singer came out of Pastor Asumadu’s room.

Pokuaa, I’m done. I believe more favors will come my way soon.

Anyway, I am on a long vacation from school, so I will do my best to frequent here as many times as I can. I hope that is ok by you? She asked.

No problem my sister, but may I please know your name? I asked.

My name is Ruth Ofosu. You can call me Ruth for short. She responded.

Alright Ruth, we shall meet some other time, please stay safe. I bid and she walked away.

Not long after that, Kofi returned from his errands in the City.

Hello Pokuaa, how is home? I really missed you. He said happily.

I am doing very fine by the grace of our miracle working God and his anointed son Pastor Asumadu. I responded.

That sounds great.

Pokuaa, are you done praying over my proposal? He asked.

Yes Kofi, the reality is that, I can’t marry you. I am currently under the anointing of God and I don’t need anyone to be a stumbling block. I responded.

I am actually waiting for a massive miracle to befall me, so that I can send money to my widowed mother and siblings. I added.

Pokuaa, what has come over you and this anointing talk?

Don’t tell me Pastor Asumadu has poured his anointing milk in your mouth. He responded suspiciously.

Not my mouth Kofi, he rather poured it into my vagina.

As it stands now, I see myself travelling outside the country. I see myself becoming grater than the president. In fact Kofi, there is miracle in the house of the Lord. I praised.

Pokuaa, how could you go for the anointing milk without telling me?

Don’t you know, you are my wife to be? He asked in pain.

God forbid Kofi! The anointing milk has made me more than the ordinary Pokuaa you knew.

My swag has been upgraded to the highest level and I am waiting for one of the richest people or Pastor Asumadu himself to marry me, not a common servant like you. I insulted.

Thanks for calling me a common servant Pokuaa, but if you care to know, I choose who goes for the anointing milk or who waits.

And I promise you from today onwards that, this is your last time of tasting that milk that has suddenly given you wings to fly. He responded and walked out on me.

The following day, we had lots of young beautiful lady visitors from the city in the house .

I welcomed them as the maid of the house and served them various drinks per pastor Asumadu’s orders.

Later, Kofi came out of his room and began with a selection of who can see Pastor Asumadu for the day.

You, stand up and turn your back. He pointed at all the ladies one after the other.

Out of the twelve ladies, he selected six of them.

The rest of you can go and come the following month. Kofi ordered.

Oh bro, this is my seventh time of coming here, why can’t you give me one simple chance to see Pastor Asumadu for the anointing? Why? One of the rejected ladies complained almost in tears.

My sister, it is no fault of mine.

Pastor Asumadu has his personal criteria for selecting who comes for the milk. If you want to be nominated next time, wait a while for me, and I will teach you how. Kofi responded.

He then took the ladies into the sitting room, whiles Pastor Asumadu called them into the bedroom one after the other.

I sat down quietly watching everything that was going on.

God, you are so wonderful! Just look at how people are receiving your anointing through common sperms.

Even married women are struggling to have it. God please, let me have it frequently to see your glory, I am in dying need to get money to cater for my family. I prayed silently.

Later when the rest of the rejected ladies had left, Kofi took the waiting one into his room.

I quickly went to hide behind the window, watching everything that was going on between them.

Madam, now talk to me, do you really want to see Pastor Asumadu very fast for the milk? Kofi asked.

Yes my brother, as you can see, I am a married woman, and I haven’t been able to conceive for ten years after marriage. I am in dying need of this milk to conceive. She explained.

That is no problem my sister.

The truth is that, Pastor Asumadu has passed unto me, a mini anointing milk that can facilitate your seeing him.

If I pour it into you, he will personally request to see you next week.

All the women who had gone inside today, received my mini anointing before getting to Pastor Asumadu. Kofi explained.

That is no problem my brother, I am desperate to have a child, please give me your mini anointing. The lady responded.

To be continued…



That is no problem my brother, I am desperate to have a child, please give me your mini anointing. The lady responded.

Kofi quickly pounced on the lady and began kissing her passionately.

He then gently stripped the woman naked and started sucking her boobs in pleasure.

Ooouuuucchhh! Aaaaaahhhhh! You are killlllllllllllllling me! Mmmmmmmmm! The lady moaned.

Gently, he flew her legs apart and inserted his engorged cock into the lady’s pussy.

He thrusted speedily and sexily.

Oooouuuuuccchhhhh! It feels goooooood! It feels toooooooo goooooood! Aaaaaahhhhh! The lady moaned in pleasure.

Receive the anointing dear! Receive it! Mmmmmmmmm! Take it! Just take it! Kofi groaned too.

Kofi fucked her for several minutes until he finally ejaculated.

My sister, you have received the mini anointing milk and I assure you that, next week, it will be your turn to see Pastor Asumadu to receive the main anointing milk. Be rest assured that, your problems are solved. Kofi assured.

Thanks very much my brother, I promise to reward you handsomely when I get the chance to taste the original anointing milk, but for now, take this 100 cedis, more will follow soon. The lady appreciated and dressed up to leave.

I quickly ran back to where I was seated.

Eeeii, so Kofi is also this powerful and I didn’t know? No wonder he threatened never to allow me taste the milk again. I thought.

I believe that was the same bribe Ruth said she paid, before getting access to Pastor Asumadu’s anointing milk.

I have to make peace with him as soon as possible in order to taste the milk once again. I thought further.

Soon enough, Kofi and the lady came out of the room.

After the lady had left, I decided to apologise to Kofi.

Kofi, can we please talk? I asked.

What is it Pokuaa, what do you need from a mere servant like me? He responded harshly.

Calm down Kofi, I am terribly sorry for the harsh words I used on you. Please forgive me. I apologized.

He walked out on me without uttering a word.

Three hours later, Pastor Asumadu was done with all the six ladies and they left the house.

He later came out to talk to me.

Pokuaa, is lunch ready? Please serve me because I am starving. He said.

I quickly went into the kitchen and served him the sumptuous Jollof rice I had prepared.

The following day, I was busy with the house chores when Ruth visited.

Helloooo Pokuaa, it’s been a while since I saw you. How have you been? She asked.

Very well Ruth, you should have been here yesterday to see things for yourself.

Lots of young beautiful sexy ladies, stormed this house yesterday only to taste the anointing milk.

Only six of them were chosen, and I tell you, the rejected ones were almost shedding tears. I narrated.

Aaahhh! They should have talked to Kofi to give them the mini milk to facilitate things for them. Ruth cut in.

So you also know about Kofi’s mini anointing milk right? I inquired.

Yes I do Pokuaa, that was what facilitated my meeting with Pastor Asumadu.

I must say, Pastor Asumadu and Kofi are incredibly powerful. Ruth explained.

Ruth, if I knew about this, I wouldn’t have turned Kofi’s proposal down. I responded remorsefully.

Kofi proposed to you and you turned him down? You must be very stupid. Ruth insulted.

Well, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, if you don’t want him, I will do my best to win him to myself. She added.

Ruth please don’t try that, Kofi is mine. I responded jealously.

To be continued…



Ruth please, don’t try that, Kofi is mine. I responded jealously.

Days passed and Ruth kept frequenting the house. She became so close to Kofi and I couldn’t just contain it.

Out of jealousy, I confronted her one day.

Ruth, I don’t know why you are snatching my man from me. I’m begging you in God’s name to stop coming here. I warned angrily.

How dare you speak this gibberish to me? Whom do you think you are?

If you care to know, Kofi and I are going out, and I have the license to meet Pastor Asumadu for the anointing milk, anytime, any day. She responded angrily.

Ruth you lie bad! Kofi is my husband and you can’t snatch him away from me. If you dare me, I will tell Pastor Asumadu about how you are abusing Kofi’s mini anointing milk. I threatened.

Just then, Kofi came out of his room.

Pokuaa, if you dare tell Pastor Asumadu anything, you will loose your job.

The anointing milk is sacred and you don’t have to fight over it. He responded angrily.

What is your problem, I proposed to you but you rejected, what else do you want from me? He asked.

Kofi I’m sorry, please forgive me for rejecting your proposal. I apologized.

Well Pokuaa, the only thing I can do for you now is to give you my mini anointing milk. As for marrying you, I can’t.

Pastor Asumadu is my spiritual father, anyone that tastes his milk cannot be my wife. Do you understand? He asked.

Yes Kofi, I am ready for anything you say.

Alright then, come inside and let me give it to you. He instructed.

What about me Kofi? It’s been days now since you gave me some. Ruth asked in jealousy.

Ruth, please go home, you will be part of the ladies to meet Pastor Asumadu tomorrow for the anointing milk, you have to keep your vagina cleansed. Kofi responded.

I entered Kofi’s room in haste and laid on his bed.

Minutes later, he joined me.

Pokuaa, let’s be fast about this. Pastor Asumadu might come from town soon. He said.

He stripped me naked and began tingling my curly hair.

He stroked my her with his cute fingers for seconds and took possession of my plumped boobs with his greedy lips.

Aaaaahhh Kofiiiiiiiiii! Please don’t stop! Come on don’t stop! I moaned.

He suckled my boobs for minutes until I became so wet.

Pokuaa, I want to see the beauty in you. Get up and let me have a full view of your body. Kofi whispered.

I slowly stood up in a burning desire to taste his cock.

Oooouuuuuccchhhhh Pokuaa, you are sexy! Damn! He said seductively and stood up to hold me.

Slowly and gently, he raised me against the wall, flipped my legs opened and penetrated me deeply.

He thrusted slowly till I lost focus.

Ooouuuucchhh Pokuaa, you are so tight! Mmmmmmmmm! Why didn’t you allow me to marry you! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh whyyyyyyyy? He groaned too.

I convulsed with pleasure while he seizured with sweetness.

He withdrew his cock from my demanding pussy and began rubbing it on my boobs.

Mmmmmmmmm Kofi! Aaaaaaaahhhhh! You are killlllllllllllllling meeeeeeeeee! I groaned.

He carried me to the bed again and penetrated me from behind.

My legs began to tremble with delight.

We fucked for several minutes until he finally ejaculated the milk into me.

Wow Kofi, this is so good. Thanks so much for making me taste this mini anointing milk. I appreciated.

Just then, Pastor Asumadu returned from town.

Pokuaa, where are you? He called.

I quickly dressed up and walked out to meet him.

Pokuaa, what were you doing inside Kofi’s room? He asked unhappily.

Eeerrrm daddy, we were sharing the word of God. I lied.

The word of God in Kofi’s room when the church is opened? Let today be your last day of entering his room. Do you understand? He warned.

Kofi you too, come out here! He called angrily.

Quickly, Kofi run out of his room to meet him.

Kofi, never in your life take Pokuaa into your room again. Don’t ever try it. He warned Kofi too.

We are sorry daddy, it won’t happen again. We apologized.

Pokuaa, come into my room right away, there is a message from God for you. He said.

I followed him in happiness into his room.

Now shower and come for the milk, there is a miracle on the way for you. He instructed.

I entered his washroom and took my shower.

To be continued…



I entered his washroom and took my shower.

I finished quickly and joined him in his bed.

Pokuaa, this new directive must be poured into your anus. First of all, drink this medicine, it will make you sleep and by the time you wake up, the milk would have been poured into you. He said.

I took the medicine and gulped everything down.

I didn’t know what happened again until I woke up later to realize I couldn’t walk again.

Pastor please I can’t walk. I complained sadly.

Pokuaa, God says I should tell you that, you will be able to walk in a month’s time. He responded.

Daddy I’m scared. A month is too far. I responded almost in tears.

Now listen to me, your blessings are just around the corner and no human being must hear about it.

What I am going to do is that, I will keep you in the guest room, so that, no one will see you. If they ask me, I will tell them I have sent you back to your parents.

Again, my overall spiritual boss will be coming here from time to time to pour the mightiest anointing milk in you, and you will soon be one of the richest women in the country. He explained.

Alright Pastor, I serve the God of possibilities and I believe whatever he says is true. Please do to me as he please. I responded in faith.

Pastor Asumadu carried me into the guest room with the help of Kofi.

Days later, when Pastor was out of the house, Kofi sneaked into my room.

Pokuaa, how are you faring? He asked.

Not so well Kofi, I keep getting weaker and weaker by day. I responded sadly.

You will soon be fine ok? I wish you the very best in this journey. He responded.

Kofi, so when at all will the overall spiritual boss be here? I asked.

He will start coming tomorrow.

He will pour his milk into you on three different occasions until they prepare you for the mighty task. Good luck Pokuaa. He whispered and walked away.

I kept praying to my God to make things swift.

God Almighty, wherever my mother and my siblings are, they are really starving, please make me rich, so that I can go and look after them.

Early the following morning, Pastor Asumadu came into my room.

Pokuaa, be happy, the spiritual boss is here to give you the first mighty milk.

Please, don’t make noise, your time is almost due for the exclusive blessing. He announced.

I became happy and desperate.

The spiritual boss then entered the room afterwards.

I nearly screamed at his looks.

He was a giant man with a bushy face and a long beard with an unkept hair.

Wow, beautiful Pokuaa, you deserve these riches really. He said in a heavy voice.

I began to tremble.

Thanks for the compliment daddy. I responded.

Calm down Pokuaa, I know you are afraid.

The overall god we serve is fearful than this. He reassured.

Now listen to me, I am here to give you the first mightiest anointing milk. Don’t scream, just close your eyes and endure. He said.

He then tore my dress apart, slid my pants aside, no romance, no nothing, and penetrated me with a very huge cock I’ve never seen in my entire life.

I felt sharp pain but I tried not to scream.

He fucked me vigorously with a ragged breathing pattern of his, until I became so weak.

I began to plead with him to stop.

Daddy please, I can no longer take this, please stop it! I am weak, please stop it!

I no longer need the blessings. I pleaded.

You need the blessing my daughter, just shut up and receive it. There is no turning back for you. He responded whiles fucking still.

I could no longer breath nor talk. It was as if tigers were sleeping with me.

I didn’t know what happened again.

I woke up subsequently to see Pastor Asumadu standing beside me.

Welcome back to life Pokuaa.

The blessing was so much that, you collapsed. He said.

Pastor please, I no longer need this blessing. I want to remain a common maid servant in this house. I pleaded.

There is no turning back for you Pokuaa, you’ve tasted the blessing fruit and you must eat all. He responded.

Brace yourself because, the spiritual Boss will be here in three days time to give you the second mightiest milk. He added and walked away.

To be continued…



Brace yourself because, there spiritual Boss will be here in three days time to give you the second mightiest milk. He added few and walked away.

I began to weep bitterly.

What kind of forceful blessing is this? Why didn’t Pastor Asumadu give the blessing to his long served servant Kofi?

God, I smell something fishy.

How can love making make me unconscious?

Why should I paralyze before receiving the blessing of the Lord?

God, once again I need you. Please come to my rescue. I prayed silently.

The next day, the ladies from the city queued up again in the house to receive the anointing milk.

I could hear their voices in the house as well as that of Kofi.

They were attended to, one after the other until in the evening when the house was quiet.

Kofi served me food.

Pokuaa, please eat your food and be strong for tomorrow’s mightiest anointing milk from the spiritual Boss. He said.

Kofi please wait a minute, I want to talk to you. I requested.

Pokuaa, be very fast about it, the women fellowship leader is in my room waiting for the mini anointing milk. He responded in haste.

Kofi please take me as your sister and help me out.

I no longer need this blessing. Please help me. I pleaded.

Pokuaa, there is nothing you nor I can do about it. The truth is that, all the prostitutes that come into this house passed through the same process until their fate was decided. And once the spiritual Boss has penetrated you, there is nothing any mortal can do about it. He explained.

Kofi, I don’t understand the phrase “until their fate was decided”. What precisely are you insinuating? I asked in fear.

Hmmm Pokuaa, it’s a long story. Pastor Asumadu is my spiritual father and I cannot betray him. Besides, I have drank the blood of oath, so I can’t tell you anything. He explained.

Kofi please help me! Please help me! I burst into tears.

Pokuaa, this was the reason why I wanted to marry you faster, so that, you will not go through all these, but unfortunately, you turned me down.

It is too late, and the only thing I can do is to wish you well. He responded and walked away.

Somebody help meeeeeeee! Somebody help meeeeeeee! I began to scream in fear.

Pastor Asumadu quickly run into the room.

Pokuaa, what is happening here? Why are you screaming this loud? He asked.

Pastor I am scared. My spirit tells me everything is not alright. Pastor please allow me to go. I pleaded.

He got closer to me and placed a handkerchief on my nose and I didn’t know when I passed out.

I woke up very late in the night and tried crawling out of the room. Unfortunately, the door was tightly locked.

I wept bitterly the whole night praying to God to have mercy on my soul.

Early the next morning, Pastor Asumadu and the spiritual Boss came into my room again.

I began to tremble the moment I saw him.

Pokuaa, fear not, I come in peace to facilitate your rest in peace. He said.

He began some incantations and instantly, the room was covered with smoke.

He then tore my clothes once again and penetrated me forcefully.

I tried my best to wrestle with him but Pastor Asumadu covered my mouth tightly with a cloth whiles the Boss fucked me mercilessly.

I got so weak and exhausted, and for the second time, I collapsed.

I woke later to see blood oozing from my vagina.

I was too weak to even scream.

Just then, I heard Ruth’s voice in the house.

She was with Kofi in his room.

The door was locked, so I couldn’t crawl out to call her.

Minutes later, I heard her footsteps behind my window, walking to her house.

I then peeped through the window and whispered her name.

Ruth! Ruth! It’s me Pokuaa.

Pokuaa! Is that you? I thought you have gone back to your hometown. She responded.

Sssshhhh Ruth, please lower your voice, I don’t want anyone to know that you’ve seen me. I whispered.

Why are you hiding Pokuaa? What is wrong? She whispered back.

Ruth I need your help, Pastor Asumadu wants to use me for rituals. He has crippled me and I have just three days to run out of here. Please help me. I pleaded.

Rituals? Crippled? How? When? She asked in shock.

To be continued..



Rituals? Crippled? How? When? She asked in shock.

Yes Ruth, Pastor Asumadu is a ritualist, he is not from God. Please help me out of here first and I will explain everything to you. I responded.

Ruth tiptoed back into the house to force the door open.

Seconds later, I overheard Pastor Asumadu talking to her.

Ruth, what are you doing in this house at this time of the night? He asked.

Eeerrrm Pastor, I need a spiritual favor and I was coming to talk to Kofi if he could link me to you tonight. Ruth responded smartly.

Ruth, it was just yesterday that you came for the anointing milk, what favor again do you need? He asked.

Eeerrmm Pastor, I went to my boyfriend’s house just this evening and I met him with another woman, so I needed an emergency milk to teach them some lessons. Ruth lied.

Well, if you say so. Just go and wait for me in my room, I will soon join you. He instructed.

A minute later, I saw someone opening my door, and I pretended to be sleeping.

It was Pastor Asumadu.

He entered the room and locked the door behind him.

He then flew my legs wide apart and began to lick all the blood oozing from my vagina.

He licked everything and sneaked out of the room again.

God, this is becoming serious. So all these while, this man was a spiritualist and he used your name to perform miracles and so on in the church? Eeeeiii! I thought.

An hour later, I heard Ruth calling me from the window.

Pokuaa, I saw everything that happened an hour ago.

I saw Pastor Asumadu licking blood from your vagina.

Unfortunately, I had to give him the chance to sleep with me one last time so that he wouldn’t suspect me.

Pokuaa, I promise to get you out of here by tomorrow. She assured.

Ruth please do. Have mercy on my poor soul and do this for me. I pleaded

I laid down in tears till the next day when Kofi came to tell me that Ruth’s boyfriend is dead.

What! What happened? I screamed in shock.

I learnt last night she came here for an emergency milk to teach his boyfriend a lesson, only for them to wake up this morning to find his dead body in his room. Kofi narrated.

Oh God! So this so called milk can as well kill? Eeeeiii. I soliloquised.

Pokuaa, I am going to Ruth’s house to console her, I might not come early to give you food. He said and walked away.

I couldn’t just control my tears from flowing.

Ruth only lied to save me, but look at what the evil man has done to her.

Hours later, I heard voices approaching my door.

Pastor, I have told you not to worry, I know you are working a lot of sacrifices for me to win this election as an MP, and I assure you that, I will build a house and buy you a car when I win. The female voice said.

Yes I know honorable, as I speak to you, the sacrifice is crippled in the guest room.

My Boss will finish with her tomorrow in the afternoon and we will bury her remains in your house at midnight. Pastor Asumadu explained.

This is so wonderful Pastor, I trust you. The woman exclaimed happily.

If I could sacrifice my wife and child for people to become rich, what else can’t I do? Pastor Asumadu boastfully responded.

Come on Pastor, let me show you a small appreciation for the mean time.

Fuck this pussy. The woman offered.

There is a church member in my room right now, so we can’t go there. Pastor responded.

What are you waiting for? Let’s use the guest room where my sacrifice is. She requested.

They both walked into where I was laying.

They didn’t even look at the fact that I was in the room.

They began romancing the moment they entered the room.

I laid down quietly pretending to be sleeping and I could see the woman wearing her marriage ring.

Pastor Asumadu pushed her against the wall and began sucking her boobs.

Aaaaahhh Pastor! Pastor!

Please give it to meeeeeeeeee! Fuck meeeeeeeeee! The woman moaned.

Pastor quickly stripped her naked, turned the woman’s face against the wall and penetrated her deeply.

Mmmmm honorable! Ooouuuucchhh! Mmmmm! Pastor Asumadu began to moan as well.

The woman kept shaking her huge ass towards Pastor Asumadu’s fucking movements.

They both groaned and moaned in pleasure to their long energetic fuck until they finally reached the peak.

Wow Pastor, this is one of the best fucks you’ve ever given me.

Aside the gifts I will give you after winning next week’s election, I promise to remain your sex toy till we finally deal with my husband. The woman complimented and promised at the same time.

Thanks for the promise honorable, I also promise to be there for you, any day, anytime.

Please get going, I need to attend to my church member too. Pastor Asumadu responded.

I can’t believe she is also going to taste this sweet thing I just tasted. The woman jealously responded.

No honorable, I am not going to fuck her, she is only going to suck my cock to get what she wants. Pastor Asumadu responded.

To be continued…



No honorable, I am not going to fuck her, she is only going to suck my cock to get what she wants. Pastor Asumadu responded.

They both walked out and securely locked the door behind them.

I knew my death was near since Ruth was busy mourning her fiance.

I wept uncontrollably as I waited for my last day on earth.

Late that night, I heard someone calling me through the window.

Pokuaa, it’s me Ruth.

Ruth, I’ve been waiting the whole day for you.

I’m sorry for your loss. I responded in a low tone.

Sorry for keeping you waiting too Pokuaa, unfortunately, I lost my fiance to the simple lie I told to save you. Pastor Asumadu is indeed evil. She whispered.

Pokuaa tell me, when is the last day for your encounter with the spiritual Boss or whatever you call him? She inquired.

Tomorrow afternoon ooo Ruth, so they say. I responded in tears.

No problem about that Pokuaa. As it stands now, I can’t rescue you alone, I must involve the police, and I have one police friend who has assured to help me rescue you.

He told me that, they must catch Pastor Asumadu red handed, or else, he can sue them for defamation of character.

Pokuaa, I promise to get you out of here. Ruth explained.

Alright Ruth, thanks so much for your efforts.

I pray this works, so that I can live again, but in case I’m unable to survive this, please do everything humanly possible to let the whole world know the demon Pastor Asumadu is. I responded sadly.

Pokuaa, you will surely live. I promise to help you out of here. I’m only praying that, the time they’ve given you will be the exact time they will come for the ritual. Ruth stated.

I must get going now Pokuaa, please stay safe. She added and walked away.

God, if indeed you are alive, kindly pave a way for me to get out of here.

I promise you Oh God, that if you save me, I will worship you in truth.

If I ever turn my back on you God, punish me severely. I prayed.

The next morning, Pastor Asumadu came into my room to check on me.

Pokuaa, I hope you are very fit for the final blessing? He asked.

Yes Pastor, I am. I responded.

Anyway, I wish you the very best in your journey, Kofi will soon be here to serve you the best breakfast you’ve ever tasted in your life. He teased and walked out.

Minutes later, Kofi walked into the room with scrambled eggs and toasted bread with Milo.

Pokuaa, please have this, it is rather unfortunate to see you in this state. He said.

Thanks very much Kofi, it was good knowing you, but unfortunately, you’ve proven to me that, you are as evil as Pastor Asumadu himself.

Now listen carefully, everything that has a beginning, definitely has an end. You might succeed killing me today, but you might fail killing another person someday.

My God will never forgive you, and my spirit will hunt you down. I cursed in tears.

Pokuaa, so you know you are going to die?

Why don’t you scream for help then? He asked surprisingly.

Kofi, I won’t scream for help for Pastor Asumadu to chlorophyll me.

I rather want to stay conscious to witness my painful death. I responded.

Well Pokuaa, like I told you the last time, I have drank the blood of oath and I can’t betray Pastor Asumadu.

I can only wish you well and a rest in peace. He said and walked away.

Soon, afternoon was here and the spiritual Boss together with Pastor Asumadu and the aspiring Member of Parliament walked into the room naked.

The spiritual Boss pounced on me once again and fucked the hell out of me.

I tried my possible best to stay conscious, even though, I was very weak.

Kofi soon joined them with a pot on his head and they began their enchantments and I also began to pray ceaselessly.

Just then, I heard a commanding voice from outside.

Halt, all of you! This house is surrounded by the police, if you make any attempt or movement, we will gun you down!

All of them began to sweat profusely.

Who invited the police here? The spiritual Boss asked angrily.

Seconds later, the police stormed the house and arrested all of them.

The spiritual Boss tried escaping but the police gunned him down.

Immediately the man was shot, I gained some strength in my limbs.

Ruth and some of the church members quickly came into the room to untie me and I quickly gained the courage to stand up.

The police searched everywhere in the house, including Pastor Asumadu’s sacred prayer room.

They discovered human body parts and some calabashes and pots containing blood.

To be continued…

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