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Read Story:-The Silence(Episode1)


I woke up drenched in sweat. I looked around frightened and tapped my roommate. Emeka lazily turned as he slept. It was lights out and I was afraid of switching on the light. I quickly switched on my little torch. I just had another bad dream. Mum always accused my daddy’s family anytime she had nightmares.

I wondered if they were after me too. I stayed awake till the next day. Emeka called one of the juniors to fetch him water to have his bath. I never sent any junior on errand. I preferred going myself but a certain junior voluntarily did my works for me. I was in S.s2 and was very smart. Emeka and I were the smartest and represented our school in different competitions. We were also given a special room where we stayed together.


Emeka wanted to be the headboy, I didn’t really care. I just wanted to pass all my exams. I was a quiet teenage boy and quite handsome too. I didn’t really have a girlfriend but Thelma another smart girl always did naughty things with me. And she was Emeka’s crush. I couldn’t tell him what we always do. Thelma and I hid in the uncompleted building in the school compound. “Are you sure nobody is watching? ” I asked frightened. She simply placed my hand on her breasts and let me feel them. She thought I was in love with her. I couldn’t tell her I wasn’t. We did that for some minutes and then she began to unbutton her shirt when something moved. I held her hand quickly looking around. I saw a junior pass by. Thelma quickly buttoned up and we left. I didn’t see the junior’s face.

After some days I was sitting in the dining when I heard a slap. A boy had slapped the little boy that always helped me on errand. I got very angry and walked to them.

“Senior he took my meat and slapped me.” The victim cried. Emeka held the offender and dragged him out of the dining hall. The boy struggled with Emeka. He was a new student and very troublesome. I heard he was also from a rich family. I never touched any junior. I always avoided it. Emeka had dragged him to the field and he slapped him. “Your father Yansh!” The junior insulted. Emeka was stunned. “What did you say?” He dared. “Your mother p**sy!” The junior rudely added. Emeka in fury kicked him and he fell on the wet grass. The junior didn’t cry instead he got up gave us the middle finger and ran away. Emeka tried chasing him but I begged him not to. I wish he did.

I was in the library when a junior came to me. “Senior, Felix has locked himself in the toilet again. He is always doing so.” He reported the rude junior to me. I was getting tired of hearing reports about Felix. I went to the toilet and b@nged on the door. “Hey! Felix open this door!” I commanded. “Go and sU-Ck your mum’s tits.” He retorted. I couldn’t stand it again. The junior was already on my nerve. I b@nged harder. He hissed and opened the door. “The toilet stinks.” He simply said. I gave him a slap and dragged him outside. “Don’t roughen my cloth.” He warned. I laughed and took him to my room.

“So you are also a g@y. You handled that girl’s breasts well though. ” He said when we got to my room. I realised that he was referring to Thelma. I slapped him again. “Your mother is a hoe!” He insulted.

I wanted to deal with him. I wish I didn’t because it really had an effect on my life. A bad effect that I tried erasing.


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Posted by Ms Dos On November 9, 2017

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