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    July 15, 2017

    The next day , b /4 i woke up it was late ,around 11 , can’ t even go to church became
    a problem , the remain parts of the mornin
    and early afternoon was dull I didn ’ t do
    anything , i managed to warm my food and
    eat and continue my sleep till early evening
    then i woke up took time to arrange
    everything in the house and my office books
    and stuffs, the following months were
    normal, i manage to keep everything under
    my control and watch so that tolu and Rach
    did not suspect each other and none of
    them suspected me either, cus when I ’m
    class I teach the whole and no smiling with
    tolu or anybody and when we get home I
    play with everybody and hoped tolu will not
    be jealous, some days i will take there
    brother out to viewing center to watch
    match together , so even the father was
    comfortable with me around his children
    since i sometimes explain questions they
    ask, sometimes we discuss politics , so he is
    really comfortable , rach comes to my place
    only on special arrangement or we meet
    else where, so things are pity much under
    control cuz since the last time i had tolu i
    never invited her to my place, the only time
    she goes to my place is when i am in their
    house and i send her to go get me
    something then she can go , so thing were
    ok until on the 10th of dec.
    School will go on holidays for the Christmas
    break on the 16th dec, and my birthday was
    few days away , i mistakenly disclose it to
    the whole house , on the day very day i
    bought some drinks to mark my birthday ,
    they sang the happy birthday theme song
    for me after they had prayed for me and
    we all drank our drinks and closed the
    birthday .

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