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    July 11, 2017

    Then I went to inspect the room, the doorwas locked so I went back to Tolu, on

    getting there I saw her parents, greeted

    them. They welcomed me as if I have

    agreed to stay there with them, as he was

    talking to me I was spying the whole house

    if i can see the elder sisters, he gave me

    the keys, I went to see the room, didn’t like

    it but I took the place cuz back in the lodge

    the tribalism there was much, where igbo

    gist with igbo, yoruba, yoruba and hausa,

    hausa so I thought staying alone would be

    better, I went and the caretaker told him I

    will take the place and that I will come the

    resume the next day. I came d next day,

    clean the place, set up my things then

    relaxed and start teaching the next day.

    After about a month I was going home after

    school I heard sir! sir! sir! I turned back and

    saw tolu running towards me, when she

    met me she said

    Tolu: sir, since u came to this place u don’t

    come out, u just fetch water from our place

    then go home we will not see u till when u

    need water again, don’t u talk to people? I

    told my sister about u and she said she will

    visit us just to see u.

    Me: hahahahaha well I don’t know about

    that oh, ok I will be coming to meet u or u

    too can come to visit na? and for ur sister

    does she have a phone

    Tolu: yes sir I have her number,

    Me: give my number to her and tell her to

    say hi

    Tolu: ok sir, but can I come so u explain

    more on today’s topic

    Me: no problems

    Tolu: tank u sir

    At about 6 something I heard a knock on

    the door I just knew she was the 1, so I

    went to the door and open it and she came

    in, we discuss on the topic and as we

    discuss I was just taking style to spy her

    smooth skin after about 30min she took off

    her shirt and just with her simy top. wow

    those bubba sparks change my thinking

    then I changed the topic

    Me: wow u have a fine bubbs

    Tolu: pls oh my bubbs are just normal oh

    I shifted to her and said

    Me: what of ur parents?

    Tolu: my daddy went out b/4 I came nd my

    mum is inside but I told her I was going to

    do assignment with my friend

    Me: and she allowed u?

    Tolu: yes sir.

    On hearing that i know my chances are

    increased so I contd. the discussion

    Me: ok so u lied?

    *She Smiled*

    Me: this ur smile u go kill me oh, have

    anybody told u that u have a cute smile?

    Tolu: ah! No oh!

    Me: u have not kissed b/4 too?

    Tolu: no oh ah! Sirrr

    Me: hmmmmm but u know its sweet?

    Tolu: so i heard

    Me: then experience it na

    Tolu: hmm from who na?

    Me: me na?

    Tolu: hmm

    Me: its simple

    Tolu: sir I want to go

    She stood up pick up her top as was about

    to leave I hold her hand and as she turned

    I planted a kiss on lip and she responded

    with eyes closed and we kissed for about

    3minutes then she moved her hand to my

    back and was smooching my back, i

    responded likewise, soon i move my right

    hand to her left bubbs, pressing and

    smooching, b4 u say 1, I moved her to the

    bed, we lie on the bed while we kiss I put

    my hand under d singlet to d bubbs and to

    get the real sensation, wow they were soft,

    soon she asked me to wait that she want to

    remove her singlet *in my mind, sho so

    fast?* she pull it off and we contd our kiss

    nd romance soon i move down to her lap

    smoching it, then I unhook the bra and

    exposed those fresh bubbs and started

    sucking dem, she starts to moan softly

    *Unnnn, ohhhh, yeaaaaahhhhhh*

    I remove the skirt and pant at once then I

    touched her with my tongue round her Tip

    and then I finger bleep her and she

    moaned seriously loud, I kissed her slowly

    to the belly button and down to her kitkat,

    moan became louder as she jerked her

    waist up and down, I inserted 1 finger in

    the hole and used my tongue tip to play

    with her clit as she moaned ahhhhhhh,


    Then I stood up, and remove my short I

    went back to my duty of sucking and finger

    bleeping, this time she held my Joystick and

    started stroking in up and down, I went

    back to d buba sparx sucking.

    We romanced for about 15min and she

    began asking me to insert my dickson, I

    quickly put on my CD on and slowly insert


    Ahh!!!! Uhhhhh!!! Was what was coming out

    of her mouth. I ramp her for 15min den we

    change position to doggie, we blast for

    another 10min I finally came, and we lied

    on the bed, discussed as follows

    Me: Wow u are really tyt inside, have done

    it b4?

    Tolu: once

    Me: when?

    Tolu: when I was in JSS2

    Me: hmmmmm and since then u’ve not

    touched it made love

    Tolu: yes sir

    Me: ok then but let me tell u, if u want to

    enjoy it continuesly u must respect me as

    ur teacher and don’t tell anybody I what

    happened here even ur sister.

    Tolu: yes sir, I know nd I won’t,

    Me: ok then

    Tolu: sir I want to go home, cus my daddy

    must have arrived.

    Me: ok den see u in school 2morw.

    and she left my room, after 3min I came

    out to receive air, then I suddenly saw 1

    good looking damsel out side tolu’s

    compund, I did not look much so it won’t

    be like I am starring.

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